Our Story

Reasons to Believe

Homemade Recipe

Mama Sood loves to feed people with good food. That’s why our chutneys only contain quality ingredients and none of that artificial stuff. Each jar is cooked up in Mama’s kitchen and served up in yours.

A Taste of the Unexpected

We have grown to love Mama Sood’s twist on flavours. We believe that experimenting with food is a joy in life that keeps on giving. But who are we kidding, we still love a classic!

Local Authenticity

Who doesn’t enjoy a true story? Inspired by New Delhi origins and finessed in our hometown of Liverpool, Mama’s chutneys are rich in flavour and immersed in culture. We understand Indian cuisine and how to make it enjoyable for everyone’s palettes.

Meet Mama

Picture the scene: New Delhi, early 70s. A young Mama Sood, let loose in the family kitchen, is experimenting with all kinds of dishes over open coals. Dal, vegetable curries, pranthi – the family can’t get enough of her delicious cuisines.

Jump to 1992

Mama gets married and moves to the North of England. After a quick “alright, la” to the neighbours, Mama soon settles in and brings the tastes of home to a new sky. But the peace doesn’t last – it’s not long until the Sood family gains two troublemakers legends.

The Cool kids arrive

Paalan and Pallika arrive on the scene and inherit Mama’s love of food. Growing up with a rich variety of dishes infused with their roots, it’s no surprise the food bug was passed along to the next generation. Paalan channels this passion into catering courses and food blogging. Meanwhile, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried Pallika’s trademark tiramisu.

The next big thing

After launching his marketing agency, Sood, Paalan was on the lookout for his next exciting venture – something big he could really sink his teeth into. Then, bam! 2020. Meetings and conferences were replaced with lazy days in isolation. But, they say the best ideas can be found in the most unlikely places…


To keep himself busy during lockdown, Paalan returned to his passion for food. “Hey, why not get creative?” he said out loud in an empty room (it was a tough time for us all). Then, a glorious announcement. After reuniting with his love of food, Paalan could finally reunite with his loved ones. Lockdown was lifted – time for a BBQ.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a BBQ without Mama. However, despite inspiring his lifelong food passion, Paalan distrusted one thing in Mama’s repertoire: the dreaded chutney. “Mum, why are you making chutneys? Chutneys aren’t cool.” Little did he know, chutney wasn’t the only thing on the menu – Paalan was about to eat a slice of humble pie.

The Vision

Paalan was hit with both a taste sensation and an epiphany: we’ve got to sell these! Equipped with fiery confidence and an arsenal of chutneys, Paalan returned to his marketing agency and got a logo whipped up pronto. Has he finally found his next big venture? (Spoiler: yes.)

The Launch

Every good product needs a road test, and with the branding underway, Paalan premiered the chutneys at a local event. Guess what? They sold out within 20 minutes. Mama Sood’s was no longer a dream, but a delectable reality.

Cut to 2023

Mama Sood’s finally launches online. But you already knew that last bit – welcome!

Our Recipes

Mama’s versatile range of chutneys enhance the flavour of pretty much anything! Check out these recipes and get inspired.
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Few things are more delectable than a plate of chicken wings - small, satisfying bite-size morsels bursting with flavour.


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